Our Mission:

November 12, 2019 / Comments Off on Our Mission:

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The Cannabis Patient Advocacy Association and The CPAA Community Fund are cannabis patient founded and operated sister organizations developing strategies and solutions to challenges in cannabis patient advocacy focusing on advocate training, community outreach and legislative efforts through actionable items in line with our mission of unity, collaboration and action.

There are 84, 451 certified medical cannabis patients in Maryland as well as countless individual patient advocates, advocacy groups and formal patient advocacy organizations and entities. As a professional business association founded and operated by a certified medical cannabis patient with a law and policy background, CPAA, and it’s charitable sister organization CPAA Community Fund, strives to set the industry standard in both patient advocacy practices and meaningful support of patient advocates, groups and organizations in the cannabis industry.

Our mission at CPAA and the Community Fund is to cultivate an environment that provides cannabis patient advocates with the training, representation and resources needed to create meaningful, measurable change in a rapidly growing market.